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Film & Television

The film 42 was filmed partially in Paulding CountyFilm and television industries find Paulding County’s pro-business incentives, tax laws, ample space, scenic areas, and temperate climate to be key in making cinema come to life. In fact, the film and television industry has been one of the fastest growing sectors in Georgia, with more than $689.3 million invested in film production in 2011.

Much of this growth has been a result of the Georgia Film Tax Credit, which provides production companies with a 30% transferable tax credit against production expenditures in the state. Paulding County has benefited from the production boom with three feature films being shot extensively in the county: Footloose (1984), Get Low (2010), and Joyful Noise (2012).

In 2011 Paulding County saw an opportunity for the County to become part of the film industry success in Georgia when the county purchased a bank owned 38,000 square foot industrial building on 11 acres. Two 20,000 square foot sound stages were constructed on the property and the existing building was renovated into mill space for set construction and offices for post-production editing.

Atlanta Film Studios (AFS) facilityIn January 2012 the Paulding County owned Atlanta Film Studios (AFS) opened its doors and marketing of the studio began. In July 2012 the film “42”, the story of baseball legend Jackie Robinson starring Harrison Ford, shot all of the film’s interior scenes at AFS. In May 2013, the AMC pilot “Halt and Catch Fire” filmed at the studio and did all of its post-production work there.

AFS was praised by the producers of both “42” and “Halt and Catch Fire” for its state-of-the-art capabilities, local support and outstanding location. The success of these productions has put Paulding on the film industry map and we are quickly becoming the hot new location for filming in Georgia.