About Paulding County

Paulding County Economic Development

Paulding ED signFor many years, Paulding County was content to be a bedroom community to Atlanta and Marietta. Its attractiveness as a residential community was based on Paulding’s excellent schools, housing prices, and proximity to the region’s employment centers, as well as the county’s low taxes, safe neighborhoods, and overall outstanding quality of life.

That all changed in 2008 when Paulding’s elected officials, businesses and community leaders realized that for Paulding to remain an attractive and desirable place to live, it had to develop a strong business community. In 2010 through the efforts of Georgia Tech’s Enterprise Innovation Institute and more than one hundred Paulding leaders a new organization was formed to serve as a single point of contact for the recruitment and expansion of industry in Paulding County. The result was the creation of Paulding County Economic Development (PCED).

PCED’s official start of operations was March 2011. PCED represents the economic development interest of the Paulding County Board of Commissioners, City of Dallas, City of Hiram, Paulding Chamber of Commerce, and the Paulding County Industrial Building Authority. The board of directors oversees PCED’s operations and staff.

PCED Vision Statement

PCED is dedicated to transitioning Paulding County’s economy through the attraction of wealth-generating employment opportunities for its residents. PCED envisions a future in which advanced manufacturing, aerospace and aviation, medical and back office operations create a healthy and vibrant business community that further enhances Paulding County as an outstanding location to live, work, and play.

PCED Mission Statement

PCED is a public/private partnership dedicated to advancing economic development in Paulding County and the Cities of Dallas and Hiram, through aggressive marketing and the leveraging of competitive assets. PCED works with new and existing businesses to generate quality new jobs and investments that are essential to Paulding County’s future.

PCED Services

Paulding County Economic Development (PCED) provides unmatched professional customer service with a staff that is always on call, regardless of the day or time. Activities and services provided by PCED include the following:

PCED Successes

Since Paulding’s economic development effort began, the county has successfully recruited and facilitated the expansion of a number of businesses, as well as several strategic projects including the following:

PCED works diligently and effectively on the behalf of our companies both during the recruitment process and once they establish operations in Paulding. Our dedication and commitment to making sure new and expanding businesses in Paulding have all the resources at their disposal and a clear path to success is our highest priority. In other communities, small businesses may not be considered a top priority but they are in Paulding County. Businesses that employ five employees are just as highly valued and appreciated as those that employ hundreds. We take pride in assisting companies in areas that other economic development organizations do not typically venture and often find ourselves actively engaged with businesses in areas such as workforce recruitment, supplier and customer identification, and logistics.

PCED encourages businesses to strongly consider the county for their operations and feel confident that it provides them with the business environment conducive to their growth and success.