Destination Paulding,
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Ethnicity (within 50 miles of Paulding)

Ethnicity Number Share
White Alone 1,313,838 63.7%
Black Alone 628,906 30.5%
Asian Alone 91,689 4.4%
Two or More Races 20,540 1.0%
American Indian Alone 5,957 0.3%
Pacific Islander 1,501 0.1%
Not Hispanic 1,943,863 94.3%
Hispanic 118,568 5.7%

Education (within 50 miles of Paulding)

Education Number Share
<High School 167,221 8.1%
High School 416,065 20.2%
Some College 514,942 25.0%
Bachelor’s Degree+ 535,178 25.9%
Not Available 429,025 20.8%


…We were unsure how to go about this process on our own since we had never had the need in the past, and PCED was there every step of the way…

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Jeff Standridge,
Owner, Classic Crafted Cabinetry Read the full testimonial

…We are very pleased to be opening our Southeast facility in Paulding. Not only have we found several key employees in the area, but it provides an ideal location to serve our customers from and it is near several of our main suppliers. …

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Mike Sarris,
President, Certified DEF Read the full testimonial

…I want to thank PCED and the Paulding County Board of Commissioners for their assistance, support and guidance they have provided to RONCHI America throughout our site selection process …

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Michele Falsini,
Director of U.S. Operations, RONCHI America Read the full testimonial

…Paulding County Economic Development (PCED) was instrumental in assisting Top Flight Aerostructures with our 2012 expansion…

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Bill Visage,
President, Top Flight Aerostructures Read the full testimonial