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About Paulding County

Target Industries

When it comes to growth, Paulding County knows what it does best. That’s why we particularly encourage businesses in the following industries to consider Paulding County in their expansion and relocation process:

Paulding County’s business climate, infrastructure and highly qualified workforce bring much to the table for these industries. In fact, several businesses in each of these target industries currently have significant operations in Paulding, and their growth is spurring expansion for each sector.

Swift Transportation has been growing operations in Paulding County to service the increasing customer base in the area. Additionally, we believe Paulding County is poised for ample logistics growth with its convenient location next to the metro Atlanta market.

- Trent Broberg, Corporate Director of Marketing, Swift Transportation

Paulding County’s reputation is growing as an aggressive, pro-business community, and local officials maintain a focus on recruiting new companies and expanding existing industries. Paulding’s strategic geographic location, transportation infrastructure and favorable business climate provide a solid and dependable path for companies to implement their business growth strategies.

…There was strong competition for this investment both inside and outside the state of Georgia but the opportunities in Paulding combined with the excellent infrastructure finally persuaded us in favor of this location …

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Tim McGill,
President of North and South America Operations, Interroll Read the full testimonial

…We are very pleased to be opening our Southeast facility in Paulding. Not only have we found several key employees in the area, but it provides an ideal location to serve our customers from and it is near several of our main suppliers. …

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Mike Sarris,
President, Certified DEF Read the full testimonial

…I want to thank PCED and the Paulding County Board of Commissioners for their assistance, support and guidance they have provided to RONCHI America throughout our site selection process …

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Michele Falsini,
Director of U.S. Operations, RONCHI America Read the full testimonial

…PCED smoothed over our rough spots. I’m sure there will be more to come and I know we can count on you to help us through…

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David Warner,
General Manager, Envelope Superstore Read the full testimonial